'Romania 1996, its six years since communism regime has ended, Ceausescu and his wife have been executed, yet the people are still living deplorable lives. Passports are scarce, travel and the western lives seen in magazines and on TV no more than fantasy.' 'Dora' is the dramatic story of a young girl from a village deep in the Romanian countryside who decides to escape. When the dreamy-eyed, devout Christian girl finds out that her cousin smuggles desperate local villagers to the West in his van, she believes that her lifelong dream to meet Princess Diana is finally coming true. Dora leaves Romania in a heartbeat, promising to repay her cousin for the terrifying journey as soon as she enters London’s squalid illegal alien work force, always keeping her dream to meet Princess Diana firmly in her sites. Smuggled in the back of a furniture van, Dora, a university graduate, travels 1900 km to London…, where her life is about to change beyond belief… as she embarks on a life of crime... She’s setting up a people trafficking network selling stolen passports to her friends back home. She is making more money than she could have ever dreamed off. All is going well until dissatisfied for not being able to leave Britain, Dora approaches Charlie, a gangster who supplies false documents… at a price. What she will pay goes against her whole value system and she will never be seen as pure in her community again.